“We were introduced to PPLSI by a friend in August 1998. We were able to use the service right away to settle a property dispute and realized that everyone could benefit from a membership. Though we had never been involved in any type of sales before, we were intrigued by the business opportunity. Bill continued […]


I want to start by “thanking” everyone at the Home Office, as you make my life in the field so much easier. Our product is best in class, and so are all the employees at the Home Office. I started my PPLSI journey eight years ago, hoping to add to my income. I was semi-retired […]


In 2001, Bill Stovall was a regional vice president of sales for a large, international direct-sales company. He enjoyed a solid income, which came at the price of much stress. In 2002, due to a corporate takeover, Bill found himself with no job. To make matters worse, he also found himself threatened with a lawsuit. […]