“Before joining PPLSI, I had invested my savings in a business venture that never got off the ground. I ended up with nothing, and I didn’t have any money to start another business. A college kid I knew gave me a cassette and a brochure about PPLSI. Somewhere in the conversation I must have heard […]


After graduating from college, we knew that being employees was not for us. We immediately started our first business, a retail store in Perrysburg, Ohio. We invested a large sum and accumulated even more than that in debt. Angela’s degree was in education, so she went to work as a teacher at a preschool to […]


I am grateful the Home Office gives us the opportunity to express our thanks in this way every year. This is the most important thank-you note we write, and it is with full hearts and genuine gratitude that we honor our family, friends and business partners (some of whom are all three) and offer a […]


PPLSI is the best business decision I have made in my life; PPLSI means friends, family, fun, fellowship and overcoming the fear and dread of meeting after meeting after meeting — partner meetings, end-of-year meetings, start-of-the-year meetings, one-on-one meetings with unhappy employees, etc. Our lives have changed from living all our lives in Mississippi to […]