“I have always had the “do whatever it takes” mentality. Before PPLSI, I spent my career in the construction business — in one capacity or another. At the age of 45, I owned my own small construction company, and I quickly learned that only brought to my life more work and more hours. I was […]


Time flies as we get older. But there are so many good things in my life, and I am grateful for everything I have received and continue to receive from PPLSI. Dick understood this opportunity from the beginning, and I am privileged to experience it daily. Thank you, PPLSI team. I am truly blessed. On […]


For Amilda Coffman, PPLSI was her main focus from the start! “I saw the opportunity for sharing this service immediately,” she stated. In fact, Amilda was convinced after only seeing the preventative benefits, as her friend Anita Pesac showed her the services. “I knew we needed a Will, so I knew this was something everyone […]