“We were introduced to PPLSI by a friend in August 1998. We were able to use the service right away to settle a property dispute and realized that everyone could benefit from a membership. Though we had never been involved in any type of sales before, we were intrigued by the business opportunity. Bill continued […]


“Before joining PPLSI in 1998, Terry worked in corporate America at a major entertainment studio, and she was a single parent of two children, Matthew and Shannon. Much of her career revolved around management training and sharing information with others. She found that marketing the LegalShield plans in a group setting was a natural fit […]


  “Twenty-Seven years and counting! I started to work steady when I was a freshman in high school and married the love of my life, Bonnie, when I was 21. We just celebrated our 68th anniversary! Through the years I had more than 50 different jobs — even a corporate position as chief executive of […]


Sell the dream. Build the team. Be a star maker. That’s Don Whigham’s philosophy. Don says he’s fortunate to have attracted a few good associates. “I work closely with those who work,” he says. That determination to work with winners brings him a solid annual income. Don describes PPLSI as a “strong company with a […]