"As the son of a business owner, I recognized early in life the advantages of working for yourself. I began a windshield repair business in my early 20s, and I later added PPLSI to build a residual income. I juggled both jobs for years. As I began to dedicate more of my time, energy and passion to the business, I soon achieved my first financial family goal, which allowed my wife, Kimberly, to only work part time and to stay home more with our children. What I like best about PPLSI is not only being able to offer a phenomenal service that protects families and business owners or helps make a difference in others’ lives but knowing that I can design my work around my family and not my family around my work. One of my greatest achievements is having protected over 4,000 families with this service.
The advice I would give someone thinking about joining PPLSI is simple: never give up! Stay active, be consistent, be persistent and you will see activity. I am grateful for PPLSI!