My life had been all about teaching and raising children Until

1998. I was a mother of four, and I was an AAU and USTA teacher and judge. I taught dancing, twirling, and flag corps for halftime performances, recitals, parades, and competitions nationwide. I also taught twirling and drill camps at schools and colleges. Before LegalShield, during my teaching years, I had income, but I was also captive in the evenings and on Saturdays teaching classes and private lessons. With my children heavily involved in academics, sports, and school activities, it was challenging to juggle my schedule.

In 1991, I was faced with a situation that would change my view of the legal system, lawyers, and the ability to access my rights. A woman had hired someone to murder me and my daughter over cheerleading. There was nothing that could have prepared me and my family for that situation. My friend introduced me to a lawyer who didn’t specialize in the area of law I needed. I found that out after HBO sued me.

Wrong lawyer + not enough money = NO RIGHTS!

I prayed for five years asking God to please let something positive come out of this situation.

He answered! I definitely understood the need and value of having the RIGHT lawyer.

In 1998, I became an associate. I realized my schedule was now mine. In May 1999, I became a single parent. Working while my children were in school gave me the opportunity to be available in the evenings and the ability to be on call when my family needed me. By my third month in the business, I enrolled a school district. I now knew I COULD DO THIS! By my seventh year, I was inducted into the Millionaire Club. I am still in shock over this blessing.

Over the last few years, I’ve been, once again, dealing with life issues and that’s another story, but with the power of residual income and the best LegalShield family a person could have, I’m back. I still got paid while I was unable to work. The life issues reunited me with some of my twirling students from 35 years ago. We’ve started a new group of associates, and we’re having so much fun helping them get paid and promoted.

My family means everything to me! My four children—Aaron, Amber, Sean and Blake—and their spouses—Kristal, Gabe, Joy and Chelsea—have blessed me with so many grandchildren—Hayden, Hailey, Hunter, Garrett, Brianna, Honor, Everett, Audrey, Preston, Karis, and Asher, our little one in Heaven. My Why is huge! Some of us have been able to attend the Performance Club trips together and spend precious time experiencing what family is all about.

My most special day was meeting the founder, Mr. Harland Stonecipher, and his precious wife, Shirley. What an example of dedication and integrity! The company today is in great hands with our CEO Jeff Bell. It is an honor to have an opportunity to know you’re just in the right place at the right time.

A special dedication for “The Great Dave and Bev Savula.” All of my love and respect for your leadership and friendship!