"In December 2012, a friend of mine introduced me to PPLSI as a “good idea” to add to my employee benefits practice. We added the products mostly because we didn’t have anything like them, and I was looking for unique, relevant employee benefits, which could bring additional revenue to my bottom line. What I didn’t realize at the time was that LegalShield and IDShield could change both my work life and my family life!
My wife, Leah, has been the love of my life since the day I met her in 1984, and PPLSI has given us the ability to build a business together. Working together is a dream we both had, but PPLSI has made it a reality. And now, we have two sons who work with us as well as a growing team of friends we have the privilege to work with as we help them develop their own businesses.
Although I still work in the traditional benefits business, the income from our PPLSI business is now giving us the opportunities to do things like make new friends across the nation, travel, drive a nice car and spend time with our granddaughter! We are learning to enjoy life and planning to pick up our next Ring this year, and we are just getting started! Commit to come along with us on this journey!