"Twenty-Seven years and counting! I started to work steady when I was a freshman in high school and married the love of my life, Bonnie, when I was 21. We just celebrated our 68th anniversary! Through the years I had more than 50 different jobs — even a corporate position as chief executive of a subsidiary of a major industrial giant! No, I was never fired, demoted or laid off! I was searching! I was a hard worker with talent and ability, with highs and lows through the years.
Then, in December 1993, at age 62, nearing retirement age, we were really struggling financially. We had sold our house, were down to one older car and had a huge credit card debt, not because we were buying things, but because we had used them to make business opportunity investments, and we were now using them to pay the rent and utilities and buy groceries! Yet, our credit rating was excellent — we were never late paying a bill! Bonnie became a good credit card juggler! And filing for bankruptcy never even entered our minds!
Then we learned about PPLSI through Dave Savula and Phil Poukish, whom we had known through other endeavors. Dave had just started with PPLSI. He was excited, but we were involved in something else, so we passed. About six months later, Dave came to see us again. This time, I said, “Dave, I must have missed something the first time you were here — explain that again, a little slower this time.”
With Bonnie’s help and support, about 18 months later we really began to see the whole picture when we qualified as Executive Directors. That was over 25 years ago! My search had finally ended! And, YES, we paid off that credit card debt! Success! Yes! But who is really responsible for all the great things that have come our way? It’s our organization! Without them we would not be Ring Earners or Platinum Jacket Earners. Daily, we offer applause, cheers and thankfulness to our team. And we make good use of the Profiles of Success to inspire others to work hard to attain this highly valued recognition. Yes, SENIORS can do this!
I had always had good health, but one never knows what challenges lie ahead. For me, they have been many. Therefore, for the past 18 years, my efforts have been limited mostly to supporting our organization with three-way phone calls and a few meetings. Each year we work toward and hope for health improvements, which will allow more participation, travel and support. In the meantime, we are grateful for the retirement and legacy income sufficient to support additional health expenses.
I will be 91 years old on my next birthday. We are so grateful for the peace of mind that comes from knowing that when my shoes become empty at my house, Bonnie will still be well provided for, and that this legacy will eventually pass on to our family.