$100k Ring Earner

LegalShield truly does become something that changes and transforms your life. In my 20s, I may be outside of the normal, doing group marketing and trying to change and transform others’ lives, but there truly are opportunities here I’ve never found elsewhere. I knew I would never be able to be micromanaged or told what to do, and since pretty early on I’ve been in control of my own schedule. It’s AMAZING.

My Why is my little boy, Mason. He doesn’t have to suffer the effects of me being a single mom. I love the fact that by the time he’s 18, he will have his own legacy. It’s beautiful to know that’s something in the palm of my hand. I truly believe in the heart of the mission that we are on with this company.

I’d like to thank my mom, Debbie Mosley Holt, for taking a leap of faith as a single mom and having no choice but to make this thing work. You are my hero for seeing this vision so early on that has completely transformed both of our lives.

The best is truly yet to come, and as Nick Serba says, it doesn’t matter where you are now; you’re just not where you will be yet.

Get comfortable with being uncomfortable and come on if you are coming because success is evident for everyone who follows the proven system.