"Before joining PPLSI, I had invested my savings in a business venture that never got off the ground. I ended up with nothing, and I didn’t have any money to start another business.
A college kid I knew gave me a cassette and a brochure about PPLSI. Somewhere in the conversation I must have heard “network marketing,” so I did not pay much attention. I needed a new business, and this didn’t sound like the one for me. I gave the cassette and brochure to a friend, Bob O’Brien, who had been an advisor for years. He said he would take a look at the company and concept. After reviewing the information, he did some research on his own and thought we needed to talk about PPLSI. Bob explained how he had been a part of starting one of the first HMOs in Kansas, and he thought that legal plans were going to be the same thing for lawyers.
I decided to get in, so I borrowed $200 from my friend Roger Gephart. I then made a rough five-year business plan and began selling memberships. I could understand group marketing after attending a one-day training class. I started knocking on doors and making phone calls. I knew that PPLSI was the right business for me.
Having been with PPLSI since the end of 1996, I have gone through a lot of changes professionally and personally. There have been a lot of ups and downs over the years. Hard work and perseverance have been key to the success I have enjoyed with PPLSI. Teaching and field training not only our team, but also anyone willing to work, is a very special part of our business.
The number one piece of advice I have for anyone starting their PPLSI business is this: Make your plans to be here for the long haul and don’t quit!
For Samantha and me, the birth of our daughter, Alexandra, in 2003, and our son, Thomas III, in 2005, have been the highlights of our lives! The most rewarding aspect is our ability to participate 100% in their lives. Our PPLSI business has given us that chance. We are very excited about our goals and dreams for our family’s future and our future with PPLSI.