$150k Ring Earner

Steve was first introduced to PPLSI while in college at the University of Washington. After seeing Dave Savula speak at a local opportunity meeting, he got involved. “The service made sense, the timing was perfect, and the compensation was awesome!”

Steve began his business while finishing his degree, but upon graduation, the pursuit of building the business became a priority, and he then postponed law school.

“In the beginning, just following the formula taught by Dave Savula was vital — talk to two people a day and go to the weekly meeting. This was a simple goal to set and maintain.”

As the business grew, so did Steve’s effort and discipline. Following the 10 Core Commitments was also crucial to successfully building the business.

“While the business briefing is critical, so too are all the trainings provided, as well as Super Saturdays and Leadership Conferences. All these events provide the knowledge to become better as well as provide the proper environment for success. To be the best, you want to associate with the best, and it is at all these events that the brightest talents in PPLSI attend and train. Also, the Performance Club is a HUGE proponent of success as well. This club is the cornerstone and the beginning of success.”

Ultimately, all these efforts have duplicated and lead to a nationwide organization. “I am so grateful for Mr. and Mrs. Stonecipher, our founders, and their vision. I’m grateful for my father who introduced me to PPLSI. I’m grateful for Dave and Bev Savula and their mentorship early in my journey. I’m grateful for Toby and Bonnie Cutberth and their friendship. And of course, and especially, I’m grateful for the nationwide team and amazing leaders that have played such a pivotal role in our PPLSI success story. After applying the success principles mentioned above, and with the support of such a great team, life is truly good.”

Today, Steve is a $150,000 Ring Earner and a Millionaire Club Member. He lives on the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula in Washington State with his wife, Moira, and their four kids. Because of PPLSI, the business has brought them a financial opportunity along with the time to pursue their family’s favorite pastimes such as traveling, enjoying the outdoors, living an active life and most importantly, being stay-at-home parents to their kids.