Before 1987, John and Rosemary had a very pleasant and comfortable life. But in 1987, they became involved in a major lawsuit against a Fortune 500 company to defend their property.

“This went on for four years at great expense — hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal, expert, travel and court costs,” Rosemary explained. “We sure wish we had known about LegalShield then. In 1990, we were forced into a position where we had to settle for just a faction because we were unable to continue due to the cost.”

Following this tragedy, John fell off a roof and the long recovery and medical expenses finished them financially. In 1994, John went back to work with their last $5 in his pocket, and Rosemary went to work as a sales rep for a retail warehouse club, where she set records.

A family friend asked Rosemary what she was doing there because she had always been a stay-at-home mother. He then introduced her to the opportunity with LegalShield and told her, “It helps with lawyers.”

She signed up immediately, and the rest is history! She just knew that “this was sent by God.” She threw her heart and soul into making the business work. Motivated to replenish what they had lost and to live comfortably again, Rosemary chose to go into group sales.

Since then she has had success by selling 9,000 memberships, earning her LegalShield Ring, earning numerous trips and incentives and remaining in the Performance Club since the company started the program. She was named the Group Trainer of the Year in 2004, and she has served as the Senior Group Vice President for the state of Indiana. Over the years, she has also been recognized for having one of the highest retention rates in the company.

All of this would not have been possible without the constant encouragement, support and help she received from John. He put application packets together, made signs, wrote introduction letters to human resource professionals and many other important things he loved to do. John passed away June 8, 2010, and is missed by all who knew him. He attended every trip and convention with Rosemary. “LegalShield sent us to many wonderful places,” he would tell everyone.

“This company has allowed our family to go back to the life we lost because of the lawsuit,” Rosemary said. “It takes a strong work ethic, a love for the product, and a desire to make life better for all those potential members you meet. This is a great company to be a part of!”

Rosemary says her goal this year is to open several new group accounts and to continue with the level of service her current group accounts are accustomed to. Rosemary has three children and four granddaughters.