I knew there was more than working for someone else. In my late 20s, someone approached me about selling insurance. I laughed. I was not a degreed person, and I wasn’t good with people. The insurance agent mentioned residual income, being paid forever on the work you do once! The insurance business introduced me to a new life. Within a few years, I was the top agent and district and regional manager with that company. I then started my own agency. I also owned a construction company, a marketing company, an antique store and rental properties. Working 15 to 18 hours a day gave me money, but little time to enjoy it.

Someone introduced me to PPLSI in 1998. Within three years, I sold my other businesses. After 10 years of focusing on my PPLSI business, I suffered a devastating event. Due to my residual income, I could focus on putting my life back together without having to worry about income for FIVE YEARS. Now, I’m back having fun and building my business again. With PPLSI, I’ve built lifelong relationships. Ross and Cindy Chantrel are one example. They supported me. They encouraged me, and they were there to help when I was ready again. When you see that this business is bigger than you, then you realize, “I make a difference in people’s lives every day!”

Kathy is really enjoying the new Ladies of Justice division as a way to meet people and make a difference in their lives.