Raleigh, NC

I believe indecision and procrastination are the true major paralysis to potential success. Because of the integrity and commitment of our company and its leadership, what we build with LegalShield is solid. It can be enjoyed by those who contribute for years to come. I have not felt that way about other companies I have seen over the years.

As president of a regional food corporation, I earned a solid income. But LegalShield has given me opportunity to spend the time I want, where I want.

Because of this opportunity, my wife, Ann Ryan, and I have time to thoroughly enjoy doing things with our family. I became involved in LegalShield through a past business associate.

The value of the service, the integrity of the company, and the growth potential convinced me that LegalShield was the opportunity for me, both professionally and financially.

LegalShield has given me the opportunity to have a good income for the past several years, to help people by providing a service that is needed, and to reach long-term financial goals with the time to enjoy it. If it hadn’t been for LegalShield, I would still be in my past position.

I have built an organization of more than 27,000 associates and 169,000 members. I meet people in all areas. I share with them my interest and excitement for what our company is doing to help people and build profit centers. Then I set up appointments with those who have an interest in the service or the opportunity.

I close with three questions. Do you understand our program? Do you like the opportunity? Do you see any reason why we can’t build together? If they don’t see the opportunity, I apologize for not explaining it better. What is it they have questions about? Then I answer their questions to their satisfaction, or I go talk to someone else.

I tell new associates to find someone in their upline organization who is successful and who is a good trainer—and then go get trained by them.

And I tell them to put together a weekly game plan and set goals for how many presentations they’ll make each week and stick to those goals. We need to follow the company presentation format, use real stories for examples, and don’t forget to attend the weekly meetings.