Reinhard and Marianne are a team in every sense of the word! Reinhard is a satellite telecommunications engineer by profession and has owned a successful international consulting business for many years. Marianne was a residential real estate professional for 13 years before becoming associated with this great business.

Reinhard and Marianne are now even more excited about the prospects of the company than ever before. The market research commissioned by the company shows that 30 million families will purchase our service when it is properly promoted, and the management of the company is fully committed to achieve this market penetration. “In the past years, under the leadership of Harland Stonecipher, the company made significant payments to associates, and we expect that under the current leadership this will grow during the next 10 years. We are committed to helping our team earn a significant share of this income,” says Reinhard. Truly, the best is yet to come!

“It has always been self-evident to us that, just like Germany has 50% market penetration with its own legal service, LegalShield will get at least 50% market penetration. For that reason, in our more than 20 years with PPLSI, neither of us has ever considered quitting even for one second. We share Jeff Bell’s vision for PPLSI — WE ARE ALL IN!”

The Stammingers believe that in addition to the value of the legal services, identity theft protection has become a necessity and that our service is the only service that can address all areas of identity theft. “While it is impossible to prevent the theft of personal information, we can help prevent the illegal use of that information,” said Reinhard. The Stammingers believe that with identity theft protection, this crime will no longer be profitable and that the identity theft problem can be solved. They feel privileged to contribute to this process.

Marianne believes that if you help people, the rewards will come. She has had many experiences with members who were so grateful for the help they had received from their provider law firms — and that’s what keeps this team going!

“This opportunity allows us to work together to build an income stream that will provide a very comfortable retirement for us, and our children and grandchildren will one day inherit this income stream,” said Reinhard.

“Reinhard and I moved to Palm Coast, Florida, after spending three years commuting between Salt Lake City, Utah, and Oviedo, Florida. We are continuing to build our business after more than 20 years with the company,” reports Marianne. “That’s the beauty of working with a nationwide company — you can work anywhere. We served almost six wonderful years as Group Vice President for Utah. We believe the future is very bright for this company and that the management team will take us all to new heights.”

Reinhard and Marianne have been married for more than 50 years and have three children — Karen, Mark and Lisa — and nine grandchildren, five boys and four girls.