$50k Ring Earner

My background for the last 31 years has been in the real estate industry serving in capacities as a Real Estate Broker and Appraiser. Initially when I joined PPLSI, I did so because earning additional income would help me pay my car payment. That was significant because I had just become a widow and found myself over-extended with a $2,500 mortgage payment. What could be done easily with two incomes had to be done with one now. Through the years PPLSI has been an answered prayer for me. I can’t put a price tag on what I’ve learned and the associations that I have developed. Who knew that this company would be the very thing that I needed to help me in my greatest time of need? Six years ago this thing we call life, knocked on my door and announced that I had terminal cancer and I was devastated. I had no idea that God had already placed me within the midst of others here at PPLSI, that would be my water in the well to draw upon and help me to not quit. I’ve seen multiple examples of people overcoming major setbacks walk across our stage. Sometimes all people need is an example. People have expressed their sorrow for my past and current experiences in life and I kindly tell them not to feel sorry for me. I tell them to feel sorry for the people that don’t have a dream or the drive to go after what they want in life. The best part about my story is that now I get to be someone’s inspiration when life knocks on their door. I can be an example for them and hopefully encourage them to not give up, to keep pushing. There is no better feeling than to give someone hope in their greatest time of need. When you hear others say it’s not about the money, it’s about who you become... it’s so true. I’m absolutely living my best life!