For 23 years, I was the Senior Vice President of an explosives consulting company and was responsible for operations in over 20 countries. I was introduced to PPLSI in 2001, while working out at a gym. After becoming a member, I decided to get into the business. My goal was to simply earn some extra income that could either be applied to my daughter’s college education fund or help fund my various hobbies. In July 2003, after a falling-out with my business partner, I decided to leave corporate America and to work the PPLSI business. It took me 15 years to earn the $50,000 Ring. However, I was never motivated by the money. From the beginning, I treated the business more like a hobby. But over the past few years, this attitude has changed. I now realize that God has a plan for me. My life has been replete with good fortune, and PPLSI is the vehicle to help repay the wonderful gifts that I have received. I believe I have been given the responsibility to do whatever it takes to help as many as I can with whatever time I have left. This “why” became even more lucid when my daughter joined me in the business in 2015. I now have the added responsibility of helping her to craft a journey that includes a sense of purpose as well as a steady income stream.