It was March 1, 1993, when Gayle and Nick Serba made what they now recognize as one of their life’s most important decisions. On that day, they became LegalShield Members and PPLSI Associates. The membership was an obvious value and the business and financial opportunity was incredible, as evidenced by the success of their sponsors, Dave and Bev Savula.

Gayle and Nick are entrepreneurs and have always been motivated to own their own business. Gayle started her own personal development company and expanded after being selected as the 1980 Mrs. Georgia and runner-up to Mrs. America. Nick has owned many businesses, and his professional background includes attaining the CLU degree while operating a large insurance agency.

Nick and Gayle believe hard work and the right priorities are an integral part of success in every area of life. If you want financial and business success, you have to find the right vehicle. “The right vehicle for us and thousands of others has been and will be PPLSI,” said Nick. “Yes, we continue to work hard, and we look at work as an opportunity, not a burden, especially when the benefits of that work are so rewarding.”

Nick added, “What a privilege it is to travel with our children, grandchildren, and friends, enjoying all-expenses paid trips we earned and attending events while sharing dreams and experiences as part of the LegalShield family.”

Gayle and Nick enjoy helping families, friends and associates accomplish their goals and realize their potential. They are PPLSI Ring Earners, Platinum Jacket Earners and have received the Chairman’s Award of Merit from company founders, Harland and Shirley Stonecipher, and they are Circle of Champions Members. Nick served as the National Director for Small Business for numerous years. “We are proud of the services we offer,” he stated. “Once someone understands the services, they realize there are no better options. Our associates can build their income by building a team, marketing our memberships or both. You can truly be motivated every day because you are making a living while making a difference.”

“We are thankful and fortunate to associate with great people across North America whom we appreciate as part of our team, friends and business associates,” he said.

“We have a great product and a financially sound company that operates with integrity. We can provide leadership for someone who wants to become more and wants to make a difference,” he continued. “What does it take? Have a strong desire to succeed. Be willing to learn. Be coachable. Have a good work ethic. Make a decision and stick to it.”

Nick and Gayle’s personal motto is, “Whatever it takes, as long as it takes.”

They believe it’s more gratifying to help others achieve their goals and dreams. “We are thankful for the opportunity and rewards, and we want to help as many people as possible live a better life.”