I’m blessed! Before the PPLSI opportunity was introduced to me, I worked as a nurse, a non-attorney Social Security representative, a paralegal and a Realtor. I saw an opportunity to earn a living doing something that I really loved that also provided me with the time to be involved in the lives of my family and friends. I have worked every facet of the PPLSI opportunity. I love the fact that this is a home-based business, and since the pandemic hit, I have truly honed my home-based business skills! LOL

Some of my greatest accomplishments include earning the $50,000 Ring, reaching the level of Bronze Executive Director, earning numerous Performance Club trips and bonuses, serving on the Ladies of Justice Sub-Committee and being among the Top 10 in the company for legal plan sales, IDShield sales and GWC (Go Walk Your Community) business sales.

I would advise a new associate getting started to just work your business, find your niche and one day your business will work for you. My goal for 2022 is to build a team of B2B sales professionals and to lead them in doing the same.

Remember, Rome was not built overnight, and a good solid business will not be either. I thank God for this opportunity, and my prayer for all of my fellow associates is that you will “keep on keeping on!”