Before PPLSI, we were the average family, living paycheck to paycheck as an insurance agent and hospital payroll clerk. We have been with PPLSI since 1995. We now control our days and set our own schedules. We now spend more time with our family — our daughters, Tracey, Amy and Valerie, and our grandchildren and now great grandchildren. We traveled to different places with them. PPLSI has been a dream come true for us.

In 1995, the insurance company I was working for was sold. So I was at an interview with another insurance company when a friend name Namon Joshua came up to me and asked me to take a look at these services. It was that simple. We will always be indebted to him. He not only changed my life, but he changed my family’s lives.

It took me 15 days to research this company. I had to make sure it was going to do what the service said it was going to do if I was going to take it to my clients, friends and family. The more I researched the service, the more I got excited.

When I looked at the opportunity, there’s five things I would check off before I would market the service.

1) Does it have mass appeal?
2) Is it affordable to the masses?
3) How much market has been captured?
4) Who’s my competition?
5) How does the compensation work?

I also needed to know if it would pay renewals and if the income was Willable. PPLSI passed the test! This is an opportunity in which you can know it’s going to be around in another 20 to 30 years.

Our first year with the company, we earned our PPLSI Ring. We now earn income on an as-earned basis, and it’s Willable! With building a PPLSI business over the past two decades, it allows us to be the people we really want to be. Bills are paid up and, in most cases, paid off! We give to the charities we want to support. It gives us peace of mind mentally and financially. We now control our future.

We feel the greatest accomplishment has been that we have created a business where we are needed but not necessary. When Mike had his medical setback for two years and couldn’t work, the deposits kept coming every day due to the business we created. We never thought we would use this program for that type of situation.

Our goal now is to continue to help others achieve what we have and much more. Now is the time to work hard and not sit back. We are in front of a trend. Most of the time when you look at an opportunity, you are behind it. Don’t miss the shot. It can change your lives.