We turned a moment into a movement! Melissa and I met and married after our military careers in the U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force. Melissa was working in the logistics/transportation industry, and I worked as a manager for a karaoke entertainment company. Our household income was decent, but we certainly wanted and needed more income. Like so many others with similar circumstances, we just kept on working. Over time I started to realize just how much money I was making for the owner as opposed to myself, so we decided to buy the company! And although we worked with a great staff and achieved success, it came with a steep price; it cost us the quality time we craved for our children and ourselves.
We continued to work hard. Melissa worked nights until 1 a.m., then managed our company during the day with little sleep. It was obvious we needed to do something else. But we enjoyed the realism of business ownership. Ironically, a PPLSI Associate had approached us numerous times, but we just brushed him off. We finally looked at the information, and after viewing just a few minutes of how the services work, the decision to own this awesome membership was a no-brainer for us. Then Melissa discovered the compensation plan. She looked at me and said, “Eddie, you’re going to be great at this!”
In an instant we went from LegalShield Members to PPLSI business owners with an awesome company and incredible opportunity to empower others the same way! So we started our PPLSI business in October 1999, and with the help of our amazing team, we were awarded the $100,000 Ring in 2005. In 2010, we were inducted into the Millionaire Club. In 2012, we achieved our $250,000 Ring, and as we prepared to celebrate our 20-year anniversary in October 2019, we were awarded our $300,000 Ring! Teamwork truly does make the dream work!
What does PPLSI mean to us? Because of PPLSI, we enjoy quality time with our nine beautiful grandchildren — Sudan, Shaun, Sedric, Anaya, Autumn, Mya, Ava and our two newest princesses, Adriana and Sakiya — and our beautiful children — Corey and Shaunna Clark, Brandon and Kenya Vereen and Jadrien Peters. The success of our PPLSI business gives us options to travel and visit the family!
We give all honor and glory to GOD and keep “JOY” in order in our hearts — Jesus, others, yourself. With HIS blessings, we’ll continue to help others achieve their goals, too. THANK YOU, Mr. and Mrs. Harland Stonecipher, for keeping your divine appointment and sharing your vision of “service to many.” To the incredible PPLSI Home Office staff, you’re simply AWESOME! We wish you all good health and good wealth; now let’s all get busy and LOSE THE WAIT. That’s right, what are you WAITING for?! We’ve all got work to do, so TAKE CARE and TAKE CHARGE!