After moving to the U.S. from Ukraine at the age of 12, I knew I arrived in the land of opportunity. I wanted to be a business owner; I just didn’t know what kind of business I wanted. I took real estate courses and became a mortgage broker. I got introduced to the construction industry and opened my own company. I was finally that business owner I dreamed of becoming. Although I did extremely well financially, I had little time to enjoy it.

When PPLSI came into my life, I was drawn to the personal development and having access to a weekly call with the great Dave Savula, who was the top income earner in PPLSI. These coaching and training sessions made a huge difference in my life, and I was getting a lot of joy from helping people. One of the best moments was helping a member avoid bankruptcy, and as he says, “Get his dignity back.”

PPLSI has helped me overcome the fear of public speaking, build self-confidence and most importantly, help others. I realized we have a service that 90% of people don’t have, everyone needs, everyone can afford, and they can only get it from us. The only reason they don’t have it is because they don’t know about it. My success formula is talking to at least two people per day and attending one event per week with a guest. By following this formula, I have qualified for the Performance Club for more than 90 months.

Thank you to the entire PPLSI family in the field and at our Home Office. God bless you all.