The year 2020 gave me 20/20 vision into the value of PPLSI! I had no idea when I started my business in 2003 that it would become more important and more valuable in 2020 than I could have ever imagined. Throughout the entire year, I continued to have a residual income. The amazing thing about PPLSI and residual income is that in any normal given year, I service about 250 of my group accounts; however, in 2020, I was only able to service about 20 of my group accounts in person. However, the bank deposits continued to come in and even grow because employees are still signing up online or sending me their applications. Had I known this business was that good, I would have signed up way before 2003. What an amazing business!I grew up living a gypsy life. I did not go to school and in fact could not even read more than three-letter words at the age of 14. Someone at that time gave me a Bible. I wanted to learn who God was and how to have a relationship with Him. So one day, I thought if God has the power to create this world in the universe and create me, surely He has the power to teach me to read. And that’s where it all began. He answered that prayer, and I was able to read my Bible and learn His ways, which I am still learning today.I am who I am today, and I am where I am today because there is One True God in Heaven that loves me and has a plan for my life. I believe that PPLSI has absolutely been a part of His plan for my life. It has truly been an amazing life. My beautiful wife, Elizabeth, has been an amazing companion and has made my life and this business amazing! We have five children and five grandkids. We are blessed beyond measure. If I had to do it all over again, I would not change a thing!