When my soon-to-be sponsor asked my advice about marketing for his legal business, I had no idea what was about to happen. After he explained the LegalShield Membership and how he was offering services as employee benefits, my first response was, “How do I do what you are doing?”

Having worked my way up in sales and management at a printing and mailing company, I was doing well and had a lot of autonomy in how I did my job. What I didn’t have was time to enjoy my income and no real retirement plan or way to ever stop doing what I was doing and no real security as the printing and mailing industries were declining due to internet and technology growth.

I immediately saw that PPLSI could offer me a way to make a strong income and enjoy time with family. I started slowly just by sending my sponsor some referrals of business owners I knew. It became clear that PPLSI had a great product that was in demand and that employers were open to offering it as a voluntary benefit. I am building a financial safety net for my family with residual income that will be available if I can’t work and long after I’m gone.

For me, the best part about this opportunity is that I have real flexibility and more time to spend with my family. When my children were sick or had events at school, I wasn’t usually able to take time off to be with them. It’s different now with my grandchildren.