I began as an associate with PPLSI because of my belief that everyone needs attorneys. In 2000, after a car accident that was fatal to my mom, my attorneys found a death benefit in our insurance plan which they secured for my family, and I saw the power of using attorneys. Being a successful fine artist was the perfect entrepreneurial training for my later success in PPLSI. My good discipline of a daily studio routine created the income producing activity habit. I chose to work in the B2B arena offering employee benefits. I had once been a teacher and loved educating employees on need and usage. The LegalShield Membership allows me to help people with a system that works. I work in the studio every day while continuing to work with PPLSI and live the life I love. I call my team “TEAM Legacy” because I want the “goodness” of what I am doing to live on. I have an unmatched sense of fulfillment. I am very grateful. Thank you to the Home Office staff and other generous associate leaders. Thanks, of course, for the Stoneciphers’ vision and path. I’ll pay it forward.