A persistent insurance agent asked Charlie Backus if he would like to earn some extra income. They met with the agent’s PPLSI upline who presented the membership and the opportunity. Charlie enrolled in the membership and said he needed to think about the opportunity. Charlie met with the associate again at a weekly meeting featuring guest speaker Dave Savula, who was from Charlie’s hometown. Charlie enrolled as an associate. “I just felt I was in the right place for a reason.”

“We understood the value of the service,” he added. “We realized how much time, money and frustration we could have saved ourselves had we been members earlier. We started using the legal service immediately. Our passion was to help people understand how the legal service plan could benefit their families. Our goal was to teach others how to use the service, so they could make better personal and financial decisions. And if they were interested in the business opportunity, we enrolled them as associates. Stories and experiences were the driving forces behind our success.”

Twelve months later, Charlie and his wife, Lorraine, decided to focus solely on PPLSI. “In the construction business, we would train new employees who would quit, start their own businesses and become our competitors. With our PPLSI business, we help and encourage others to develop and grow their own businesses. Instead of creating a competitor, we help an individual realize their dreams and generate another revenue stream for our business.”

PPLSI is just part of their lives. Everywhere they go, they talk with someone about family issues, business situations and everyday life, and eventually they are able to share how they handled similar situations using their LegalShield plan. PPLSI offers them the opportunity to generate revenue to maintain their lives, save for retirement and leave a legacy for their children. “The best part is realizing that all the extra time and effort we spend to educate our prospects is paying off. We show them how they can now afford to use these services to make better personal and financial decisions for themselves and their family. We make sure they understand the true meaning of identity theft and how important it is to protect their identity and have a plan of action in place. We convey the concept of how hard they work for their assets and show them how they now have the tools to help protect them. A member who uses the membership on a regular basis is our greatest reward.”

Lorraine enjoys group marketing, and Charlie’s passion is recruiting. Working together, they have written more than 4,000 memberships. “Recruiting new associates to leverage our income is key. We show our new associates that the systems in place work, and they just need to follow the system. We encourage them not to try to reinvent the wheel. We show them how to incorporate PPLSI into their current everyday schedule. We want them to discover their dreams and help set goals to achieve them. You see, it is not about us. It is about them, showing them how they can meet their goals with their PPLSI income.”