I owned a commercial real estate brokerage firm when I was introduced to PPLSI. I made great money and lived in a million-dollar home on the Sacramento Delta. Life was great, until it started to unravel. Between 2005 and 2008, an agent in my office was involved in two lawsuits that cost me over $100,000 in attorney fees — and I WON both cases. Then the real estate industry started to come apart. In a few years, I went from a great income to almost NO income in real estate. The saving grace was that in August 2008, when I was introduced to PPLSI, the gentleman who signed me up simply said, “Lisa, all of your clients are business owners. Don’t you think each and every one of them could benefit from the services you just purchased for yourself and your business?”

It made sense, so I became an associate when I became a member. Looking back, I’ve wondered if I hadn’t been involved in those two lawsuits, would I have been open-minded enough to understand how important access to lawyers can be? Other than preparing a trust and having my business incorporated, I’d never used lawyers. Those lawsuits devastated me financially, but they are now part of my story, and for that, I am grateful. In 2018, I was able to relocate from California back to my home state of North Carolina. I’ve never been happier. I am abundantly aware that the move would not have been possible were it not for the amazing business model that PPLSI offers. Not only can I work my business from anywhere, the commission structure is the same no matter which state I live in. So amazing!

On a personal note, I am the youngest of two girls and my dad was a career Marine. Says a lot about how I was raised, right? My mom stayed home with us girls and taught us about manners, honesty and being polite and kind to others. My dad taught us about integrity, character and being humble. My parents have been the center post in my life, and I owe everything to them. In January 2015, we lost my father. How do you have the worst personal year of your life and, at the time, the best professional year of your life all at once? As always, Dad was with me then and he continues to be with me always. My parents continue to guide me, Dad from above and Mom here on earth, and they remind me to stay focused on the mission — helping and protecting others. Semper fi!