Prior to PPLSI, I spent 30 years as a PGA golf professional, winning more than 30 tournaments in the Carolina’s Professional Golf Association. I won the World’s One Club Championship and worked part time as an insurance agent. Kay worked in sales and the medical field for 25 years. We were not looking for a career change. Our retirement plan was to be 80 years old with a golf club in one hand and cane in the other, giving golf lessons. However, we soon realized that our plan was flawed. What if we got sick or injured, got laid off or just wanted to take a vacation? Who would pay our bills? We had no leverage and no residual income. Life was good, but our financial success depended solely on Larry and Kay, and we had dreams that were not yet fulfilled.

Fortunately, a friend, Roger Cawiezell, tossed a Dave Savula audiotape called “The Secret’s Out” on my desk and said, “Pro, listen to this.” Even though it took me eight weeks before I finally listened to it, once I did, I was hooked. I immediately saw an opportunity. PPLSI is a solid 50-year-old company offering a service that every household needs. The market penetration is less than 2%, and there is virtually no competition. The compensation plan is phenomenal with residual income, and we could leverage ourselves by building our own team of associates. There was no way we were going to let this opportunity pass us by. Our four children — Jerry, Evelyn, Elizabeth and Ann — became our first recruits. We applied the 3-foot rule and expanded it to the 20-foot rule. We talked, walked, slept and dreamed PPLSI. Our excitement for PPLSI seemed to be contagious. Thanks to PPLSI, and through hard work and dedication, we retired from our jobs, and now I play golf only for fun.

Our lives have changed. We are fulfilling our dreams. We no longer have an alarm clock, so we get up when we’re done sleeping. Best of all, our morning commute to the office is only steps away in the comfort of our home.

Kay and I have been truly blessed with an outstanding team that has become family to us. It is a joy to see how many of their lives have changed, and it’s heartwarming to know that we invested only $249 to become PPLSI Associates. We simply shared the opportunity and now our team members are making their dreams come true too. Our goal is to help more people achieve their dreams.