After spending 32 years in corporate America, I was downsized. I spent many of those years working 50 to 60 hours weekly in upper management and human resources. When I left there, I knew there had to be something out there that could be enjoyed more than working for the “other guy.”

I received a call from Ross Chantrel. I had never heard of “PPLSI” but understood the need for the service. Within the first nine months, I reached the Director level but was not seeing the success I wanted, and I just wasn’t feeling fulfilled.

During a stay with my mother during an illness, I shared my thoughts with her. She instructed me to write down the things I liked and didn’t like, then we would discuss it. Following her guidance, it became crystal clear my passion fell into the group side of PPLSI.

With new goals, I attended group school again. I’ve leveled at Executor Director and above for the last 11 years, doing only group sales. I earned the $100,000 Ring in 2019, and I have been Performance Club Pro qualified every month. Life has provided many challenges in my personal life over the last few years, but my belief in PPLSI remains strong. I truly believe that my determination to do what others are not willing to do has allowed me to reach my goals.