I am a single father of three girls and a former small business owner. Like a lot of small business owners, I found myself going out of business and going well below zero. I lost everything — my home, my wife and my kids. They moved to North Carolina, and I followed to be close to my kids. I lived in my car in the beginning, and the hardest part for me was how I felt when I could not provide for my girls. I found work selling cars and was doing credit card processing on the side when I was shown PPLSI. I almost said no to the opportunity because money was tight. I thank God every day that I said yes.

Slowly, I started doing PPLSI. One day on my lunch break, I went into a business and shared the LegalShield Membership with the owner and signed him up to cover him and his family. What happened next changed my life forever! I asked him if I could share this with his employees, and he said yes. The very next week at my lunch break, I did one presentation in front of all his employees. I went home that night and said to myself, “If I can do that in an hour, what could I do in a day, a week, a month, a year, five years?”

At first, it was very hard because there were so many people in my life telling me this wouldn’t work! So I took Michael Dorsey’s advice and starting cutting people loose! You are probably wondering where all those people are now. OK, I’ll tell you, they’re all LegalShield Members and a lot of them are associates! The best revenge is massive success.

I want to thank Mario and Linda Piccinin for introducing me to PPLSI and being my friends. I want to thank Steve Melia for being a friend and helping train me. To my friend Danny Vulin, thank you for all the late night calls and hard work we put into growing our businesses. I want to thank my sister, Lynda, for being there for me through my ups and downs. I want to thank Michael Dorsey for taking me under his wing. I am proud to be a part of your team. However, Michael, I am more proud to be your friend. I want to thank my mom and dad. I hope one day I make them proud. I phoned Larry and Kay Gregory every day, and they would always shoot straight with me. One day, Larry said, “We’ll go on a 90-day run and get you to Executive Director.” We did it in 60 days!

I once called Larry and asked, “I have a group in New York. How will I get there?” He said, “Jump in my car. Let’s go!” I said, “Larry, I have a group with three shifts and one is at 2 a.m.” I drank Red Bulls all night just to keep up with him.

I was falsely arrested, and my one phone call from jail was to Larry and Kay. I said, “I’m in jail, and I can’t do my enrollment.” They did it for me, and I made Executive Director from jail! If you surround yourself with four successful people, you will be the fifth. I can’t thank Larry and Kay enough for how they have changed my life, and there are a lot of words that I could use to describe them but one comes to mind, love! I love y’all.

To my daughters, Hailey, Madison and Mackenzie, you are my “why”! Even at my lowest times in life, y’all have always been there with me and pulled me through. I think about y’all always and will continue to work hard to make y’all proud of your dad! I love y’all very much. The best is yet to come!