When we became associates with PPLSI, we had no idea how our life would change for the better. A stranger dropped off a tape at our insurance office. Several weeks later, Joe listened to the tape, heard what Dave Savula had to say about the LegalShield Membership and immediately called the Home Office for more information.They gave us the phone number of the person whose name was on the tape. We tried to contact him, but he put us off for three weeks!Joe finally met him at a nearby restaurant, signed the associate agreement and then mailed it into the Home Office himself. We never saw that associate again. The rest is history, and with the help of our upline, we began to build a terrific business, earning our first PPLSI Ring in our second year and our second ring in our third year. That was the beginning, and what a trip it has been. Such fun while growing our business.Unfortunately, Joe developed chronic pain several years ago with a rare nerve condition that halted our business activities. After four years of pain with no diagnosis from the Mayo Clinic, Duke, Chapel Hill or Harvard School of Medicine, a stranger from New Zealand led us in the right direction. Joe had surgery in Houston, Texas, in September 2011, and we thank God that he is improving. We tell you this so that you will know that even though we did not work, our income also improved.One never knows when life will change, and with the residual income from PPLSI, we are very fortunate indeed. We have missed the friendships and activities of the business and are looking forward to recruiting again soon, doing what we love. Have you ever thought about what would happen if you could not work? Become an associate and never look backā€”it works!