We always dreamed about owning our own business. We wanted to build a business that could take care of our needs now and afford us a comfortable retirement. I guess we’re like a lot of people. We want quality time with our family and time to do other things that bring real satisfaction and value to ourselves and others.

We were introduced to PPLSI by Kerry and Patty Reid. They owned a marketing company with offices in many states. I was in charge of the Minnesota office. One day Kerry called to say he was going to market a new product and asked me to see it. I asked him what it was, and he said it was a “legal thing.”

Kerry had invited Dick Hricak to present to a small group of his friends and business associates. Dick told us he had joined the company in August 1994. From August to December 1994, he built an organization of 500 associates. Then from December 1994 to December 1995, it grew to 9,000 associates. A couple of months later, Dick had a heart attack, and while in the hospital undergoing triple bypass surgery, they discovered he had colon cancer. They operated and then he had a stroke. He lost the ability to speak and went into rehabilitation. It took him a year to relearn his ABC’s. During that year, he couldn’t work, but his business tripled to more than 27,000 associates, and he earned his PPLSI Ring. He had built a financial fence around his family. We wanted that ourselves and got started right away. The income made a big difference. Eventually we earned our PPLSI Ring.

Today, Kerry Reid and Dick Hricak are no longer with us. However, their wonderful wives, Patty and Astrid, continue to receive passive income from their PPLSI businesses. They were taken care of when their husbands fought their courageous battles with cancer. They can continue to receive override and residual income on their growing businesses for the rest of their lives. Because we own our PPLSI business, it can continue to pay out income to our family for generations yet to come.

We would never again work for a company that doesn’t pay residual income. It doesn’t make sense to work for someone else and build their dream, when you can work for yourself and build a business for your family today as well as leave a legacy for future generations.

Gudrun and I work the business from our home. We look forward to the camaraderie we share with others who have the same desire for success. For us, success is building relationships with other people. We are building a team of achievers, people who are up to something in life. The great news is anyone with desire and commitment can be a success with this business. Live for the sake of others, share the services and the opportunity consistently, and you can be successful with PPLSI.