$150k Ring Earner

We began our journey with PPLSI in January 2006, shortly after our home was foreclosed. We were totally broke at the time. Thanks to hard work and commitment, we have been able create a passive income that has enabled us to buy a home right on Lake Conroe.

All five of our adult children grew up with PPLSI as a big part of our family life, and they are all associates as well. So many of our friends have been worried about keeping their jobs through the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been so blessed to have built a successful PPLSI business, and our income has grown every year despite all the challenges facing our country.

We finally joined the prestigious Millionaire Club. It amazes us how we have been able to earn so much from a business that cost us less than $300 to start. We plan to continue to help our children build their teams and help them achieve the Executive Director level, thus enabling us to join the ranks of the Platinum Executive Directors. We are also very excited to be serving other associates as members of the Small Business Leadership Council. The sky is truly the limit with our PPLSI business. Never quit and commit fully to the system.