Geoff Cragg, an engineer, was running several businesses and a non-profit when he was introduced to PPLSI 11 years ago. A single dad of three sons, who has Performance Club qualified since he started, he has led his team to the Silver Executive Director level.

Geoff met Diane through PPLSI, proposed to her at a Super Regional event, and they married at the St. Regis Dana Point Performance Club trip in 2015. They earned all-expenses paid anniversaries in Cancun, at Atlantis, in Jamaica and in Cabo San Lucas. They are also grateful for daily residual deposits giving them peace of mind during the 2020 challenges!

Diane Kephart, an Air Force veteran, was a single mom of three after her husband passed of cancer. Their family motto became “finish strong.” Dealing with legal issues after he passed, she became a LegalShield Member, and later an associate, while working at a non-profit serving veterans. Within 12 months, she hit the Director level, earned a PCQ bonus and reached the Executive Director level. PPLSI has been her sole income for more than eight years. She serves on the Small Business Council, is a field trainer in the Business Solutions division and teaches leaders to qualify for Performance Club by the 10th of each month so they can focus the rest of the month on helping team members hit their goals. She has a heart for serving the military and their families. Geoff and Diane are headed to the Platinum level and are grateful for the opportunity to “make a living while making a difference.”