$50k Ring Earner

For me and my husband, Salem, PPLSI was and will continue to be an “answered prayer.” My very good friends Richard and Marty Harmon came to our house to share the membership. They had no idea we had a legal problem concerning our mortgage. They did not sell LegalShield; they just explained what it could do for us, and we wanted it. One phone call to our provider law firm resolved our problem.

Mr. Stonecipher said many true and wonderful things like, “The biggest sale you will ever make is when you sell yourself.” I was sold on the service immediately. I just knew everybody could benefit from having this phenomenal service.

I was a respiratory therapist for 15 years before losing my job to a back injury. Trying to find another way to earn an income was daunting. I became an associate. I worked hard for companies to build their dreams. Why couldn’t I work hard for myself? PPLSI has been a blessing for my family. I am thankful for Harland and Shirley’s dedication and vision. I am grateful to be a part of the Savula organization. Amilda Coffman and Mike and Nancy Little have helped me tremendously. I love them dearly. My goals are to write more business than ever before and recruit a mind-blowing team of dedicated associates across the country. Thank you, PPLSI.