We were mortgage brokers before being exposed to the PPLSI opportunity. Because of the economic downturn in 2007, my wife and I were losing everything we had ever worked for. We were not looking for a new business at that time, but we are so thankful we found PPLSI.After attending a PPLSI business briefing, Lynne and I decided to join as associates without any hesitation. We still had a failing business to work so we could not focus on PPLSI. In our first month we made a bit of extra income, then a bit more in our second month and even more the third. Over the Christmas break, I took a long hard look at PPLSI and asked myself, “What would happen if I truly committed my efforts for three years to a proven success plan that PPLSI already had in place?” I took an all-day sabbatical and “decided to decide.” I was going to make PPLSI work for my family. I just knew the odds were with me once I made an unwavering commitment.I asked myself four questions that day.1) What if I learned from the leadership of Mr. Stonecipher, the Home Office staff, the Group Marketing department staff and the local leadership? I looked at the marketplace, competition, support and compensation that PPLSI offered. I realized the value of the PPLSI products and the need in the marketplace.2) What if I try? What if I really tried and gave an all-out effort for three years? I am not talking about making a few contacts, but actively going out and seeking business from multiple sources in the business community. I was going to focus on group marketing and building a team.3) What if I stayed? I decided to put a 1,000-day plan in place, so I could develop a lifelong income. I knew that nothing of value would ever come in a short period of time. So I developed my plan in 90-day cycles and repeated them over and over until I achieved the desired results.4) What if I cared? What if I really cared about my clients and associates? Would it be possible to achieve incredible results?Yes, I was convinced from asking these questions that the PPLSI opportunity was worth pursuing.As we became crystal clear on the opportunity, we earned our $100,000 Ring and wrote 1,250 memberships that first year. Lynne and I work this business as a team and because of her support, we are Millionaire Club Members, have earned the Platinum Jacket, reached the Platinum 7 pin level, written over 11,500 memberships and secured our retirement goals with residual income that greatly exceeds Social Security. I encourage you to commit yourself to this opportunity and see what you can achieve. I wish you the best in your future with this incredible company.