My husband, Gregory, and I came to America from Belarus in 1992, with our children, Irina and Dmitry. Before joining PPLSI, I was looking for something that would improve our lives. The search ended when I discovered PPLSI in 1995, and from the start, I saw a solid company that is built for a residual income and service that everybody needs but nobody has. It became a true business for me from day one.

After 18 months in the business, I achieved the Executive Director level and became the first Executive Director in the State of New York. Now I work with my husband. We will be forever grateful to have known Mr. and Mrs. Stonecipher, to have qualified for the Performance Club every month since it was initiated, to spend time with our children and our grandchildren.

This is living our dream! We are working toward our goals, building OUR PPLSI business, not someone else’s. This company gives people peace of mind and a place to turn. I also like to let people just like myself realize that they can change their future with this opportunity.

We have received production and Executive Directors awards, have earned the PPLSI Ring and reached the Silver Executive Director level, and we were inducted into the Millionaire Club. This is just the beginning. We have earned Performance Club bonuses, and it’s also a blessing to earn the annual trips with our PPLSI family and share amazing experiences together. We are proud PPLSI Associates for life.