I was introduced to LegalShield in 1995 by a friend. After I purchased a membership and began using the service personally, I was so impressed that I became an associate in 1996. I worked full time as an associate from 1996 to 2006, and then transitioned to only working part time from 2006 to the present.

Previously, I had a background in accounting and real estate. Having received public speaking training, I focused on marketing to educators and school districts and enjoyed moderate success.

I paid off my LegalShield debit balance in 2006 and became semi-retired at age 50. Now, I annually service groups on a part-time basis while receiving payment earnings and renewal money, which supports my wife, Lisa, and me along with other investments.

Our life prior to becoming associates was modest. Full-time employment equaled long hours and low wages. After being laid off several times from various companies, I saw LegalShield as an opportunity to become independent. LegalShield has given me the ability to manage my own time.

It has allowed me to earn a living while giving us more time together as a family.

This opportunity has provided the income for our family to travel, to educate our daughter, and to invest.

Although I have opened many new groups throughout my LegalShield career, what is truly remarkable for me is that most of these groups continue to offer LegalShield as an optional employee benefit. I have maintained a good relationship with them and have been servicing some of them since the late-1990s. That is a great compliment to LegalShield and to me.