"Sell the dream. Build the team. Be a star maker. That’s Don Whigham’s philosophy. Don says he’s fortunate to have attracted a few good associates. “I work closely with those who work,” he says. That determination to work with winners brings him a solid annual income. Don describes PPLSI as a “strong company with a strong and solid growth future.”
His advice for new associates is, “Get committed. Get started. And stay consistent! Build the organization through recruiting, training and developing your group.”
“One of the best things about the PPLSI opportunity is that a person can get into the business for very little money and get out and make immediate income through selling the product while building a team for the long-term, residual, override income,” Don says. “The residual, ongoing, passive income that my team has created has allowed us to have a life we had not enjoyed before. This is what is possible with PPLSI because it is a long-term growth company.”
Don says he searched for more than a year to find a networking company that offered a strong service but had not yet hit momentum. “That is hard to find,” Don says. But with PPLSI, he has built an organization of more than 32,000 downline associates who have produced more than 336,000 membership sales.
Don says the aspects he likes best about PPLSI are the first ones that got him interested in the company back in 1995. “PPLSI is rock solid and has a real solid future,” he asserts. “The service really works, and it is an opportunity you can count on!”
“I had built large organizations before with start-up companies [only] to see them crumble,” says Don. “I’m glad to be with PPLSI. This is an opportunity with a long-term future. With many businesses failing in three years, it’s important to align with a proven company.”
Don recruits nationally from his own contacts and also with his recruits’ contacts. “Recruit to sell and sell to recruit,” he says. “I don’t close. I recruit using sorting and sifting techniques. I get them excited and sponsor those who get excited.”
Don advises new associates to build organizations and stay focused on the long-term. “It takes time to build a business of your own,” he reasons.