"I began my PPLSI journey over a decade ago, at age 57. I sold my franchise business — no more employees, overhead and stress — and began looking for my next opportunity. I needed to build up my finances. Enter PPLSI, which gives me financial opportunity, plus it’s fun, and I work with people I really enjoy being around — no more stressful employee headaches. My PPLSI business has allowed me to leverage my past business experiences. With focus and work ethic, I have been able to build my business over time, and I recently reached a significant financial goal. And I’m just getting started!
PPLSI’s incentives include Performance Club bonuses which have allowed me to earn enough money to afford new BMW’s. This is an amazing opportunity. My PPLSI residual income provides financial opportunity for the future, and I can enjoy my retirement when I slow down a bit.
As I began my PPLSI business, I started with the end in mind (retirement) and built my business plan to achieve my goals, which is the key to success. I work in the Business Solutions division of PPLSI, acquiring great clients with a low employee turnover, which builds my residual income. I’ve not been a big recruiter, but 2021 is my year to focus on recruiting and teaching my new associates all that has allowed me to be successful in building my business. This will be an exciting year!
One of the best benefits of PPLSI is meeting and building great relationships with wonderful people who have a similar mindset. Leaders are willing to step in and help when needed and have provided ongoing support to me and my team. Some days when things are changing quickly and frustration creeps in, I give a leader a call, and they help me through the rough patch. I am very grateful to my leadership and to the Home Office staff, for their guidance and patience over these many years.
My background includes owning and operating many businesses. I had an accounting practice and a marketing company. I was in franchising, and I was a magazine publisher. I built and sold most of my ventures over time. As a close friend described me, I was uniquely prepared to be successful in PPLSI.
PPLSI provides an opportunity. They offer a good commission structure, residual income for the life of their memberships, the opportunity to earn amazing incentives and the best training to support you. So as I focus on recruiting this year, I expect to find great people and help them become engaged and grow their business because PPLSI provides what we need to achieve our goals.
I enjoy working with my clients and have established strong professional relationships with them. 2020 was a unique year, learning to do business nearly all virtual, without handshakes. 2022 promises to be an outstanding opportunity to grow my business and achieve incredible success. Most importantly, it will be a year to be used by God to help others who are seeking answers and hope. All the best to all of you! God’s got this!