"After graduating from high school in 1971, I accepted an invitation from an older brother to be his co-driver with a professional moving company. I learned the intricacies of loading a 48-foot trailer with other people’s personal effects and how to drive an 18-wheeler with a 13-speed transmission. Growing up in southern California, my first trip to Chicago in the winter introduced me to a very foreign concept called SNOW! I spent two years as a co-driver before graduating to becoming an owner-operator with my own truck. During high school, I only knew the W-2 mentality of income earning, with several summer jobs that allowed me to earn enough to pay for my own Catholic school tuition. Once I became an owner-operator, cross-country trucker, I then understood the 1099 idea of working for myself.
After 12 years with a moving company, I transitioned back to a W-2 job, working in administration for a private school in Kansas. I spent 27 wonderful years wearing many hats, but never getting ahead financially.
I first heard about PPLSI in 2009, when Doug Kleinsmith visited from Minnesota. He traveled to Kansas to share the vision of the membership and business opportunity with several family members and friends. I immediately realized that this was a phenomenal service that everyone needed.
I “retired” from the school in 2012, and moved to Minnesota to learn about the PPLSI opportunity and to be mentored by one of the best in the business at that time.
One of the reasons I made such a big change in my life at the age of 59 was not only because of the debt that I was accumulating in my financial life, with the prospect of preparing for a certain retirement, but because I saw that this membership was something that few people knew about but everyone needed. It all came down to one principle — helping people.
We all have a natural [virtuous] instinct to help others. PPLSI was going to be that vehicle for me. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. The LegalShield Membership provides a solution for this.