I always dreamed of owning my own business, something that would look after my family forever. The problem — I was not about to start over again working for someone else.

After graduating college and finding out I was “highly qualified to be totally useless,” I sold out to the philosophy that if I could find the right vehicle in commissioned-based sales, I could write my own ticket. For the next eight years I tried to sell anything and everything. But the only things I ever sold were my TV, VCR and several furniture pieces to make the rent. I was horrible at sales.

At age 31, I thought that I would be a financial loser forever. Back then, I was renting an 8-by-10 room for $200 per month in my friend’s basement, and I was $700 behind at the time.

I had always dreamed about what the perfect business would give me — a leveraged income so that 100% of my income was NOT dependent upon 100% of ONLY my efforts. And most importantly, it had to provide quality time to spend as a family doing the things that created value, meaning and memories for us. Having more time is very important to me because I have yet to meet anyone on their deathbed wishing they had spent more time at the office.

One day my roommate came home from work and told me about an opportunity that was about to change my life. He said, “You should check out this legal thing.” I had been involved with plenty of legal things before, and none of them were prosperous. The following night he sent me to a meeting where Dave Savula was the presenter. I came home from that meeting and borrowed $55 from him and never looked back.

When I signed that associate agreement, quitting was never an option. PPLSI was not a plan B for me; it was THE only plan. I finally had an opportunity to market something that made a difference in people’s lives. It was something that allowed me to connect my heart with my tongue while having the opportunity to earn an income in the process.

During my 10th month, I became an Executive Director. The next year I earned my PPLSI Ring. My lifelong dream of becoming a “stay-at-home dad” came true. And now, by staying focused on the mission and never quitting, I eliminated my debit balance in 2007.

I praise God every day for the financial blessings and good fortune I have found with PPLSI.

Today, my goals have changed a bit. It wasn’t that long ago that I was dreaming of earning income for myself. Today, I dream of empowering and developing other leaders whose families can earn an income from home. And the great news is that I am achieving that — and you even have the chance to be one of them.

For me, success is about building relationships with other people and expanding my PPLSI family. After all, the best part of the PPLSI story has yet to be written. It is still out in front of us. I wish you all continued success.