Charlotte and I started our LegalShield business in August 1997. Charlotte is a full-time high school math teacher, and we have two children, David and Courtney, both of whom are associates. We also have two wonderful grandchildren.

Prior to LegalShield, I was the city manager in St. Pete Beach. I worked for the city for 25 years and retired in 1997. My retirement income just barely allowed us to pay our bills each month, and I found out very quickly that I did not like being retired. I was 48 years old at the time, and all my friends were still working. Our combined incomes simply did not allow us to have the lifestyle we wanted. My retirement income was about 25% of what I had been making as the city manager.

I was not an easy sell when I first looked at this business. I did purchase a membership because I was in that 50% of the population who had a preexisting legal issue. The law firm was very helpful, and I knew I had made a good decision to purchase the membership. I was invited to a meeting in Tampa to take a look at the business. I made a decision that night to give the business a try. I had no intention of “recruiting” anyone. I had just planned to sell some memberships. I knew, due to the advanced commissions, if I sold one membership every day, I could make a good part-time income that would improve my financial situation. I had never done anything in sales before. The system that LegalShield provides to new people is great to help you overcome the fear of selling.

I find it very interesting that all the “stars” on our LegalShield team were not known to us when we started. We did not recruit any of the leaders on our team. These folks and their teams are really the keys to our success. They are “soul mates” and will be friends for the rest of our lives. Our success, particularly during the last few years, has made me realize that Charlotte and I are realizing financial success with this company.

One of our LegalShield goals was met at the 2005 Las Vegas Leadership Summit when the company presented us with LegalShield rings. This recognition by the company was very exciting. It will only be topped when other members, leaders, and winners on our team receive their rings. Another one of our goals was met when we earned the Production Achievement Award for selling 8,000 personal memberships.

LegalShield has everything in place to allow anyone to live a very good life and help many, many people during their journey if they simply have the desire and work ethic necessary to achieve their dreams!