When I started my PPLSI business, I had no idea the journey that I was to embark on. I was 14 years into my career in radiology and really wasn’t looking for something when I found this amazing company. Thankfully, I made a decision to get started and plugged in. Through PPLSI, I met my beautiful wife, Rebecca, who was a retail manager when she got started, and we now have four beautiful children. Together, we have reached the level of Bronze Executive Director, and we are now blessed to lead Florida as Network Vice Presidents. We are passionate about educating as many people as possible of a better way to live as entrepreneurs. PPLSI has allowed us to become stay-at-home parents, homeschool our children and truly be there for their childhood. We are thankful to PPLSI for our family, our future and some of our dearest friends. We are excited and laser focused on earning our next ring level. God bless PPLSI; we love this amazing company.