Beaverton, OR

Before LegalShield, life was a struggle. I never really enjoyed it. As a regional vice president with another company, there was too much licensing and continuing education and not enough money.

I am a people person. My brother, a stockbroker in Maryland, called me just before LegalShield opened in Oregon in July 1995, and said, “Daisy, how would you like to make more money next year?”

I got excited! If anyone else had approached me about this opportunity, I would not have listened. That’s a scary thought. He sent me up to Portland where some guy named Dave Savula was conducting a meeting! I scooped up 10 friends, and the rest is history.

Within the first eight months of starting with LegalShield, my life dramatically changed! I was so excited, and I wanted to talk to anyone who was looking for an opportunity. I dedicated myself and worked hard, and I earned the six-figure income ring my first year in the business!

I was convinced that this was the right opportunity for me because at the first meeting I attended, I saw the vision.

I got Dave Savula’s telephone number, and for the next two weeks, I called him every day. He came to Oregon and conducted meetings for us every six weeks for about a year. It was amazing! We had almost 1,000 people at one of the meetings.

I love to help people find their inner dreams and realize that they can create their lives anyway they want.

LegalShield has been a dream for me and my daughter, Hannah. To make choices and not base those choices on money is an amazing feeling! I have a much better quality of life. Thank you, Lord, and thank you, Mr. Harland Stonecipher.

And with the changes that the company has made, I anticipate a whole new level of success for myself and LegalShield. The possibilities are incredible!