I first came into PPLSI in April 1985, right after retiring from the U.S. Army. I didn’t have a lot of money and was looking for something to do that would afford me the income to provide for my family.

My organization and I set a company record of selling more than 13,000 memberships during our first year, and I believe that record still stands today.

I was with PPLSI for three years and then left. I was gone for more than five years. While I was gone from the company, I was diagnosed with cancer and was unable to work for more than a year. My creditors didn’t care that I was sick, and my credit was ruined. But because of the good Lord and a lot of prayers, I’m a survivor.

I had no choice but to file for bankruptcy, and I did. About that same time, a good friend of mine, the late Dave Savula, called me and told me what was going on in PPLSI, and I asked him to sign me up again. I saw how great the product was and knew there would be a great opportunity attached to it. I was right. After having my car repossessed while my mother-in-law was at my house, I knew PPLSI was the vehicle to get me back on my feet.

I returned to PPLSI in September 1993, and I’m still being paid on more than 27,000 memberships that my team and I sold back in the 1980s. The rest is history. We have built an organization that has sold more than 926,000 memberships and recruited more than 132,000 associates. I went from bankrupt to being able to provide for my family with the PPLSI product and opportunity.

As you know, we are retired now and living the life we hoped for when we started. Dulcie and I drive nice cars, and we are able to provide the nice things for our family.

Now that I’ve returned to PPLSI, the opportunity is even more real. I’ve seen a lot of people just like me become successful. Those associates who are joining us now have an advantage we never had. We have blazed the trail; all they need to do is follow. We may be retired, but we still make sales every month and qualify for the Performance Club.

My most rewarding moment was recruiting my son and daughter. My son-in-law, Sean, and my daughter, Cricket, have reached the level of Executive Directors, and my son, Wes, has too. This is a family business, and we are having the time of our lives.

PPLSI has afforded us the opportunity to work together every day. We travel together, and PPLSI has helped each of us become more financially secure. Everyone should build a business together with their children. We have all grown closer together.