"PPLSI is the best business decision I have made in my life; PPLSI means friends, family, fun, fellowship and overcoming the fear and dread of meeting after meeting after meeting — partner meetings, end-of-year meetings, start-of-the-year meetings, one-on-one meetings with unhappy employees, etc.
Our lives have changed from living all our lives in Mississippi to moving to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, because we wanted to! We love Mississippi, but we are totally enjoying Florida. It’s a completely new and different way of life.
My lifelong best friend and former business partner, Don Whigham, introduced me to PPLSI in December 1995, and we started in January 1996. I thought I was happy and satisfied owning part of an asset management and wealth management firm with five partners and 35 employees, but the PPLSI mission and purpose “got me.”
Our greatest accomplishment in PPLSI has not yet been achieved. We work together; we are independent; we set our own schedule, and we are happy and blessed. We plan to continue growing our business as PPLSI continues to grow and improve.
Our encouragement to all is to keep going! Stay on the positive side of everything. Look for the good in everyone. Stay connected. Show up. Remain committed and be consistent no matter what.
Always remember, it’s a GREAT day!