In 2013 I became a LegalShield Associate, but I did not take advantage of the opportunity until more than four years later. As a single father with three kids in college, initially I just added LegalShield to my existing 25-year insurance business to produce another revenue stream to cover their college expenses. Within the first year of adding LegalShield, I was able to earn my $50,000 ring, and I only see that continuing to grow. Fortunately, during that time, I was able to see the bigger picture of what this company offers to both associates and members.

Transitioning from the insurance industry to LegalShield has been a blessing as the insurance industry is quite competitive and the paperwork is endless. With LegalShield, the members can seek immediate help for issues in their lives without the wait. Seeing members sign up for our services and get much-needed help has been extremely gratifying.

During all my years in management in the insurance industry, I recruited agents for the “company’s” ultimate benefit. Now, I am building a team that will benefit my family for a lifetime. The residual income LegalShield offers is better than any other business model I have seen.

Thank you, Todd Allen, for being a great team leader and supporter. A special thanks goes to Teresa Burgess for her support and encouragement making everything possible.