"I have been with PPLSI since April 1997. Prior to that, my background consisted of clerical work, sales, and management. I was tired of living paycheck to paycheck and wondering if I was ever going to get ahead. At some point I realized it was time to make a change!
My search began for “something better,” and I found what I was looking for: the PPLSI opportunity! Immediately I saw the value of owning the service myself and realized this was something I could feel good about marketing to other people. I started my PPLSI business marketing the plan one-on-one, a membership at a time. Later, I attended a meeting where Larry Smith and Dave Savula presented the business opportunity. I got excited about the income possibilities through recruiting and building a team. I also learned more about the group marketing side of the business. I attended my first group school and got even more excited! I began to work my business, mainly selling individual plans and marketing to groups of employees but also recruiting other individuals into the business to build my sales team.
Some of my favorite things about this business are working from home, scheduling my own hours, working with great people and having the opportunity to earn trips. It’s an honor and a privilege to train and work with so many different associates in my state and from other states. I really enjoy that, and I learn so much from all of them.
In the beginning of my PPLSI journey, initially I just wanted to earn enough money each week so that I wouldn’t have to work for someone else. I accomplished that, and through consistent daily activity, commitment and a strong desire to succeed, my income continued to grow and so did my goals and dreams. At the end of 2003, I achieved another goal and earned my PPLSI Ring that calendar year. That same year, through this business, I met my wonderful fiancé, Bill Harrel, who is an Executive Director. We have separate PPLSI businesses, but this opportunity gives us the ability to work together on a daily basis and build toward common goals. My business has steadily grown, especially thanks to my great team members throughout Utah, Tennessee, Colorado, Arizona and many other states who are building their businesses, causing my business to grow. It’s a team effort!
Dreams can come true in the world of PPLSI! I feel very fortunate, and I know I am truly blessed! I look forward to the years ahead with this incredible company because I know that my income is directly related to the number of people I help through this business. I am very proud to be a part of a company with so much purpose, vision and integrity!