"When my best friend asked me to join him in business nearly eight years ago, I never imagined I would feel so
blessed and enriched from that one decision.
I’ve had many careers. I was a white-water raft guide, a server/bartender and a firefighter. I’ve run a
campground, been a nanny, a doula and a health consultant. I’ve also lived in many countries and all over the
states. I love nature time, adventure and travel, and I am truly a free spirit! One thing was clear: A “regular job”
was not an option for me. However, in my mid-30s, I had no long-term financial plan and no savings or
Fast-forward, I now have a sense of security that I had never felt before! PPLSI has provided me with a way to
live life the way I desire and not how someone tells me I should.
My goal is to help people — not only with our powerful membership, but also to help them reach their life
goals! I am now able to determine the days I work so I can have time for travel or family or just because. Through
personal growth and the support of mentors, I have learned principles and philosophies to pass along to others.
We don’t just grow a business, we grow people, so that they too can live their lives with purpose and by design.
I am excited about the future, and I am grateful to the Great Creator for this blessing! I now spend my pastime
creating the life I want!"